One of the first things you have on your list to get with your babies is a baby monitor! Knowing this, I am so excited about this project I have been working on and getting to share it with you. About a month ago I got our new Cubo Baby Monitor to try out and see how it held up to other monitors we have used in the past and I am happy to say it is a 10/10!

What initially attracted me to this monitor was that it was created with the help of a pediatrician and a mother who experienced her little baby;s face being covered by a blanket and that put her on a mission. This amazing monitor has a feature where if your baby’s face was covered it notifies you. This was HUGE for me. This made me feel so comforted knowing that if that happened I would get an alert and be able to go check on him. There have been times where his binky was in his mouth and accidentally went up by his nose and Cubo notified us immediately! While he was safe, it also made me feel so good knowing that I was safe rather than sorry at the end of the day.

So like I stated above, my favorite Cubo AI features are the Covered Face Alert, and the different ways you can set it up either with a stand on the floor, attached to the crib, or even a mobile stand for travel! I really found that having it directly above him rather then on an angle was really beneficial because on an angle you would get a lot more false alerts whereas having the Cubo directly above, the alerts are much more accurate and serves as a great monitor. It also has a Danger Zone alert so you can set it up for the area where you want to monitor and Cubo will alert you if your little one runs in that area. It helps you to narrow down the areas you want monitored and then you are really focusing in on what part makes you nervous. We plan to use it near our back door in the summer time to notify us if our kids go out our back door to the pool area as part of our “danger” zone.


When we got the Cubo set up, it was an easy process, which I showed on my stories if you remember. The Cubo links to my phone and app a scanning a QR code so it was a quick and seamless process. The actual set up of the monitor was easy as well! It also helps that it is ABSOLUTELY darling and looks so cute in his nursery or in my room as you see in these photos. Currently he’s sleeping in our room and will be with us for a few more weeks so I wanted to show how you could also have this monitor in your room rather than the nursery. Love that this is such a simple and easy product that doesn’t clutter or look childish even in our room!

He’s in his SNOO wrap now so he isn’t rolling but the thought of him rolling shortly makes me so nervous about him not being able to get back over or struggling to breathe. Not only does Cubo gives us that piece of mind but it also has a great high definition night vision so it is super easy to see while you wake up in the middle of the night to check on him. It also captures images throughout his naps and I don’t know about you but I LOVE nothing more then seeing my little baby sleep! 🙂

Needless to say I am absolutely in love with this monitor. I have used about 3 other monitors, which have not had near the quality nor abilities that this monitor has, which makes this one my top one. Cubo is launching on Amazon in November and they’re offering $100 off if you subscribe to their email list, so just tap on the link I have below to get this amazing monitor- I hope you love it also!

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