Monday July 1, I had what would be my last appointment with my amazing OB. Being pregnant this time around has felt so different in so many ways I don’t think I’ll ever understand. We lost two babies before Augie and I of course was ecstatic to be pregnant with him, but I also dealt with some new emotions I wasn’t expecting. I was beyond sick first trimester and then by second we found out his gender and I was so scared to have a boy, which now that he is here sounds so silly to me. He’s absolutely perfect for our family.

At about 28 weeks into this pregnancy I had some preterm labor contractions and spent a night being monitored, to which we found I was totally fine and Augie was great. I had the same pre term labor with Rooney. After that I had fairly consistent Braxton Hicks that lasted the rest of my pregnancy. The stress of the house and doing demo with Trent was a lot, but honestly I always felt fine at the end of the day. My Braxton Hicks mainly happened at night and didn’t really get consistent til about 38 weeks. I had Roo at 38 weeks so I expected Augie to also come as early, if not earlier.

On June 21 we went into the hospital, I had been having consistent contractions that were 3-4 minutes apart and then they just stopped once we got to the hospital. So home we went.

We tried stripping my membranes 2 times the following week that I was 38 weeks, and nothing happened. By our appointment on Monday July 1, I had been having super consistent contractions and night and was sleeping in 45 minutes intervals. Because I go unmedicated I really didn’t want to have any interventions or inductions and I wanted my body to just do it’s thing! Monday afternoon we went into my OB office and they checked me, I had dilated to about a 4, same effacement, which is what I had been since about 36 weeks. I had gained 4 pounds from the previous Wednesday to that Monday and about 3 inches in my belly, and so we both were aware of his size growing and wanted to be sure we were doing the best for him and also for me to be able to have a successful delivery.

When he checked me, he found I was leaking amniotic fluid, so we decided to go into the hospital and have them break my water all the way in hopes it would get things going. I honestly was in shock we were gonna have little man that day. It was about 2 PM, and so my doctor stripped my membranes and sent us home to get everything and meet back at the hospital at 5 PM. This was happening!

Once we got home we had about an hour with Rooney and it was seriously so peaceful and relaxing and I was so happy. I didn’t feel sad or overly emotional leaving her, I just felt like we were ready for him. She was ecstatic to have Staci there and didn’t bat an eye really when we left, which also made my mama heart feel better.

We arrived at the hospital at roughly 5 PM and checked in and went through my birth plan and goals that I had for this labor. I was so excited that he was coming and I was going to get to meet him. For my monitoring of contractions and his heart rate, I was able to use a Bluetooth monitor, which was so amazing to not be hooked up to anything. I did allow them to put a hep lock on me for after labor and I wonder honestly if I would in the future again, but I felt fine about it this time.

We had awesome nurses from the get go and in so beyond grateful for their support in how I wanted to birth. I truly have loved my hospital both times and have had such a good experience, I couldn’t imagine delivering anywhere else. My doctor arrived at about 6:30 and broke the rest of my water and then it was game time. I had been having contractions since he had stripped my membranes that afternoon so with both of those things I hoped and prayed for a quick delivery.

We went into the tub to labor and it was exactly how I remembered, relaxing and a great way to start. I love starting in the water because it really relaxes me and makes me feel calm and prepared for this experience. Once we were in there the contractions really picked up, after about an hour I felt the urge to go to the bathroom and so back to the room we went, and as we were walking the really crazy contractions began.

Part of my labor plan is for them to not tell me what my dilation is, but they did check me and told Trent I was still at a 4 1/2. He said he was a little worried after hearing that but kept positive for me. I then labored for the next hour or so on a birthing ball and it was awesome. I never thought I’d enjoy that but I tried a few other ways as I was having contractions and I couldn’t even handle a second of any of them. Trent was such a good daddy doula again, and applied pressure through pretty much every contraction on my back. I could feel every time he was moving down and so I knew we were making progress. At one point I wanted to try laboring on the bed so I got up there, they decided to check me again it was 9 PM, and I was at a 6. So that was a great sign that things were progressing. At that point the contractions kept coming and I couldn’t catch a break in between them at all. After about 10 minutes of hard contractions I entered into a 14 minute contraction which was my transition point. I remember basically going to another land and that’s how I knew it was happening. My doctor arrived by about 9:20 or so and we found I was fully dilated and ready to go. Took 20 minutes to go from a 6 to a 10.

When we started pushing I truly was in so much pain, I couldn’t move onto my back or to any other position for that matter. Once we finally got me on my back I held my legs and started pushing. I remembered pushing for about 25 minutes with Rooney, and so I was gearing up for that. As I started to push he had to pull my cervix down over Augie’s head to allow him to get past it, that was probably the worst pain I’ve ever felt. Once I started pushing everyone kept telling me to keep going and I kept saying I need a break. Well they all told me no break just push and he’d be out. I kept thinking you are insane and then Trent looked at me and said he’s crowning, push! I just had no idea that he would be so easy and quick to push out.

So I held on and next thing I know, one push and his head was out, next push and his shoulders were out and shortly after the placenta, which truly is such a good feeling. I was way more energized with this labor and so I leaned down and grabbed his body and pulled him on my chest. Such a cool feeling and if you get the chance I totally recommend it! That was the most incredible feeling. I remember thinking this is my Augie! I love him, he is here!!! How did I ever live without him. It was the perfect first introduction to one another and my heart was exploding with joy. I already can’t wait to be able to experience that again. We did the delayed cord clamping and then Trent cut the cord and we had a blissful couple hours of just us three getting settled in. What an amazing joy and gift it is to have a baby. It feels so good to be able to hold him in my arms after a crazy 9 months. He was beyond healthy and nursed like a champion from day one and I couldn’t be more grateful.

I couldn’t let this go without thanking my amazing husband also. He truly made this experience so amazing. He is the most supportive, kind, and loving man I have ever had around me. Thank you for supporting my decisions on how I like to birth and being my right hand.

Rooney came the next morning to meet him and that was just as magical. I’ll do a separate post on that. Thank you again so much for everyones kind words and congratulations!

Augie was 6 lbs 4 oz and 21 inches long born at 9:37 PM. Our perfect son. Huge huge thank you to Tracy Layne for these unbelievably amazing images. They truly are the best memory I could ever have.

All images by Tracy Layne Photography 

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