I really wanted to get some photos that I could put up in my new home with a pop of color. When Tracy found this amazing location I was all about it. Now if you have followed my other family photoshoots or my maternity shoot you would know that for some reason bad weather always follows me! Roo’s maternity it was wind, and then my family pictures last year it was rain. This year things were going great and as we were getting ready to leave our air conditioning went out. Trent was so stressed and hot trying to get everyone ready to go while I went to get my nails done, but we made it!

Rooney was so good during this shoot but here are a few tips for family photos!

  1. just let them do their thing- don’t force them to smile, don’t panic, and don’t let them feel your stress
  2. realize that the pictures aren’t about the perfect moment but rather the emotions that you have with your kids. connect with them, play games, sing songs, and let them feel your love, they will react better
  3. When you leave a session trust your photographer did their job. I know it’s hard and you feel so overwhelmed but just trust that they know what they are doing.

Tracy is of course amazing and does it quick as can be and so even though we had LIGHTENING in a field that we were in, we still got amazing images.

My dress is from Free People

Roo’s outfit is from Rylee and Cru

Hope you love them as much as we do! I love celebrating this time in my life.

All images by Tracy Layne Photography 


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