I’ve been working on this post for sometime but I am excited to talk to you about the rest of our nursing journey, how we slowed down and when, and how we are now weaning.

As you saw in this post I loved loved nursing and it was such a great experience. I initially had wanted to wean Rooney at about 6 months so we could start trying for another baby. I had pumped quite a bit and so I had a lot of stored milk but looking back at it now I probably wouldn’t have had enough if I had stopped then. At 6 months I wasn’t ready and neither was Rooney. She was getting teeth and she was clingy and was nursing all the time. I am so glad I listened to my body and held off.

9 Months 

We then talked about stopping at 9 months. We didn’t because we knew we were going to Europe and we wanted to have the flexibility and convenience to nurse the entire time on our trip. I am so so glad we chose that route. She needed to nurse so much and it was so convenient to not need to find something to heat milk up or water or anything along those lines.

12 months

Now that she has been nursing for almost a year, she is eating solid foods majority of the day, we are ready.  At about 10 months we started only nursing in the morning and night, and then had 2 bottles a day at nap time. She didn’t have a hard time switching but I think it’s because we did it relatively slow. There were a handful of times I also would give her a bottle and then the boob. So I was trying to integrate both of them and that seemed to help.

We didn’t have to do formula because I still had quite a bit of frozen milk but I know so many friends who switch to formula for the last little bit and have had a great experience.

Weaning is an emotional thing for you and your baby, in my opinion. We had a few nights where I would just let her nurse longer or just talk to her while she nursed and it helped me get some closure. I really am sad that it is over, but I’m also happy and ready. I know that I did all that I could for her, and now we will be moving to cows or goats milk this fall.

Don’t rush yourself and don’t rush your body. Trust that you know what is right for both of you. Also, remind yourself you did all that you could for your baby. I am so grateful for this role of motherhood. I love Rooney more then anything and I am so happy I get to raise her.

Images by Jess Kettle 

Q & A

Did you switch to cows milk? I haven’t yet I am waiting to talk to her pediatrician this week. We might do goats milk.

Am I going to miss it?? YES of course, so so much. I am ready though and I feel confident she is okay as well.

How quickly will your period come back? Came back last month, but a lot of my friends periods came back during their nursing time.

When did you start weaning? I mention this above but I would say at 10 months is when we started slowing down.

Did she ever pull at your shirt? how do you not give in? I gave in when she would. I kinda took that as she wasn’t ready. She only did that for a short time though.

Did she cry at night before falling asleep without nursing? I give her a bottle and she typically goes down really easily. Nap times she will cry a little bit but nothing longer then 5 minutes or so. I used to nurse her to sleep exclusively.

HOW DID YOU DO IT?? While I don’t have all the answers I think that eating so many solids and snacks really helped us. She was always eating and so I think she thought less about the boob honestly. Also, trust your body and talk to your baby about it. I know they listen to us.


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