We took our first family trip two weekends ago and it was perfect!

I had to go out to California for some work, and we were super busy on our 8th anniversary, so we decided Trent and Roo would come with me and we would just make a vacation out of it!

We flew in Friday afternoon (more info about flying here), and stayed at the San Diego Hilton Resort and Spa. It was seriously 10 minutes from the airport and tucked away in this quiet little part. We’ve done San Diego area before but never in the actual city!

When we arrived they were so kind and helpful! They got us checked in, we had a whole pack of treats, and a fridge full of drinks! They left us a fire making kit and items for s’mores to go with our porch fire pit. It was by far Trent’s favorite part of the trip.

Saturday we woke up and went to the pool. They have a big pool and kiddie pool, and Rooney dipped her feet in for the first time that day! They have an awesome water fountain as well that Rooney just loved staring at.

Sunday we went on a walk, had room service, and really got to just have some one on one time. It was so nice to be with the family and take some time for just us. The boardwalk was so close to our room so we took the stroller out and enjoyed the nice breeze a few times a day!

That night we had s’mores by the fire and it was the perfect ending. Snuggling by the fire with my love.

If you are headed for a little getaway, it’s the perfect spot and best service! So glad we were able to stay there!





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