Saturday we were able to do a big surprise party for Trent at the Topgolf in Midvale Utah! It was so fun and the perfect atmosphere for an adult event.

When I was planning his party we talked about just doing a backyard BBQ, which would have been great, but honestly with him turning 30, I wanted it to feel like more then that! We got our two bays at about 7 PM and were there til about 10 PM with 16 of Trent’s closest friends. It was so fun to have everyone together to celebrate him and enjoy the night. The amazing Sweet Tooth Fairy, Megan, made him the ultimate cake and it tasted as good as it looks! Thank you again!!!

They have the best food and we got tons of appetizers to share and split, while others got the burgers and raved about them! I am always so happy when I have a place that is fun but also serves good and reasonably priced food.

Topgolf is way more then just an event place for parties though. They hold a summer academy for kids where they come from 9-12 and they get to play golf, they get a glove, lunch and get to meet tons of other kids! I would love to even go do this as an adult hah! Think they’d let a 36 week 28 year old go in??? The academy is held through August so sign up today!

They also have a big tournament coming up this Friday!!! You can still sign up for it here. It’s a 2 person team competition and up to $50,000 worth of prizes! So whether you are good or bad, at least you get a chance to win some money!

Below are some photos from our night! I really think it is the best place for a date night, adult party, or even kids party! Keep them active right?


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