Oh man, How will I ever explain this day ha? We started camping that morning from the weekend before and headed home. I got home went and got my makeup done by Jill Marie Makeup (best on earth), and then we met up with our Tracy Layne and headed out to the Little Sahara Sand dunes. We knew there was wind, but we were so unprepared. I had spent MONTHS looking for dresses and planning this out.

We got there and the wind was BAD, I mean bad. we couldn’t even get out of the car without eating so much sand.

We decided at that point to go try cause we thought it was mellowing out. We were wrong. We got up there and were still laughing so hard at it and that slowly turned into me crying and being so sad that this day wasn’t working out. (talk abut control freak) But we pushed through, Trent was a CHAMP and Tracy was a godsend.

We only had one instance of me sitting on the floor crying and being so sad it wasn’t perfect, but honestly that was okay! We did what we were there to do and that was capture images of Trent, me, and baby girl before she arrived to have for our lives!

It was amazing and the images are all I could have ever hoped for. Can’t thank Tracy enough for capturing our little family, we love you so much.

Hope you love them! xoxo



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