We are so close!!!!! Oh my gosh. My heart could burst.

Sunday we woke up in Jackson Hole, had an amazing day of sleeping in, breakfast, heading to a nice dinner, and then a dip in the pool. We were so pampered and I left feeling happy, in love, and refreshed. I was a little sad that our trip was over because it was our last little vacation before little girl comes. I have loved more than anything having time to me and trent over the past 8 years but now that I’m home we sure are ready for her.

Monday we took a drive through Yellowstone and then headed home. We didn’t see any wildlife but we did see some beautiful views. Can’t wait to go back next year.

Tuesday I had a big commercial shoot, got a little burned but really enjoyed being outside all day. My body thrives off of sun lately so I try to be outdoors as much as possible. That night I had a little engagement session and ran into my cute friend Beka!

Wednesday I got my hair done, had a doctor appointment, modeled for a shoot for my friend Tracy, and then that night had another shoot! Talk about busy day!

At my doctor appointment I was so worried about my blood sugar levels. But all was well! I was s super low so they cleared me of having gestational diabetes! I have to admit I was so relieved. Trent went with me that appointment and we talked about a few other things and I’m feeling so good about it all!


it’s obvious I have not been shy about getting my photo taken pregnant. I love documenting her! So I modeled that day for my friend Tracy for a mentoring ┬ásession. Aside from almost stepping on a rattle snake it was so fun to practice before our maternity shoot!

Thursday we had our birthing class and it has been so helpful! just learning relaxation techniques and spending time with trent has been so good for us. makes me feel so excited for birth, which I didn’t really know how I was gonna feel knowing how intense it is. Still planning on going unmedicated so the prep has been so important for me.

Friday we had a little movie night and it was so fun to finally be outside for summer! Man I love this time of year! I mostly love that I’ve been able to enjoy it a lot not working as much! I shot my second to last wedding on Saturday and it was so fun but man my body was so tired! I have one more to go!!!

So needless to say this week was great! Can’t wait for the next few weeks!!!! Come on baby girl!!!

Baby size : cantaloupe ­čŹł

weight gain: 124 lbs

belly size : 38 inches

Sleep: getting harder and harder. Sleeping about 3-5 hours! I am sad it declined so fast ha!

Cravings: fruits and veggies, water, honestly nothing crazy.

Feeling: lots of Braxton Hicks. Still love being pregnant but my body is getting more and more tired and ready to have little girl!

Peak moment: still being in Jackson. I treasure the time I get with trent and was so sad it had to end! Next year will be great with little girl too!


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