What a week! My sweet grandma passed away last week if you remember, so we spent Saturday at her funeral and celebrating her life. One thing I haven’t really dealt with during pregnancy is emotions, and then slowly this week my anxiety kinda crept back in, and I was feeling all sorts of emotions, and then Saturday came and I was so sad. My heart was broken, my kids would never meet grandma, my mom lost her mom, I just felt so sad and yet so happy she had returned with her husband. As the day happened it was as if my heart healed a bit, I think I juts needed to be sad for a minute. Happy to say I’m feeling much better today and not anxious, so I’m hoping it was just from the effects of the funeral.

The rest of the week was pretty mellow! I got a massage at SLC prenantal massage, and it was so good! They specialize in pregnant massages so they knew exactly what to do. Ever had your bum rubbed 😳, it’s amazing and especially pregnant ha. If you are pregnant I highly recommend you go get at least one to try! It’s worth the money ladies! Tell them I sent you.

baby size: pomegranate 🌺

weight gain: 112 still under my weight I started at, I didn’t gain any weight last week 😳 trying still! We have our anatomy exam this week so I’m sure I’ll check in with doctor about it!

Sleep: Good! A sweet friend of mine sent me some lavender oil and i used it last night and it was heavenly!

cravings: apples, carbs, and chips and ranch dip

feeling : a little down this week, but the funeral was hard so it makes sense. Belly is super super tight often and that isn’t my favorite cause I feel like I might explode. Otherwise I’m happy: I love her so much and can’t wait to meet her!

Gender: πŸ’•πŸŽ€πŸŒΈπŸ’•πŸŽ€πŸŒΈ baby girl! I love just looking down and knowing she’s a little lady!

Peak moment: just laying in bed talking to her. Also knowing she was there with me this weekend was super comforting. Excited for this upcoming week! Also, doing some fun giveaways with my friends at Fawn Design, Wild Bird, Copper Pearl, Baby Bling, and Rags to Raches. Love them so much!

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