This year has been a lot for all of us to handle to say the least! The holidays are finally here and in a way it just still feels a little different! I know that we have tried really hard to keep some of our same traditions while staying safe and at home as much as we can, and I wanted to share those with you!

Earlier this season I got to attend an event with MacKenzie-Childs and it was absolutely amazing. Not only did we do so many fun activities virtually we also got to know the brand. They are HUGE in tradition and they love that their pieces are often used as heirlooms. One of the nights we spent sharing some Christmas traditions and I loved hearing what everyone else has done their whole lives, getting new ideas, and then also sharing ones that have been so dear to me.  I’ve teamed up with them to highlight some of their products we got to use for our traditions and ones that I think you also will love. 

I am sharing 5 of our Top Holidays traditions with you today so that you can see if they might be a good fit for your family as well!

  1. The first tradition is having some type of dedicated plate or serving dish that you can leave out year after year for Santa! We got this BEAUTIFUL Santa plate from MacKenzie-Childs (link here) and we are planning to leave this out with cookies and milk for Santa so that he can have a little treat before he moves on from your home to the other homes! 🙂
  2. Second tradition is having dedicated ornaments you buy each year. For instance we buy a Santa ornament every year and then write the date on it so we know what year it was from! I love this because the style changes so much and also because in the future I will be able to let my kids take some of these home to their own homes. I have always thought they could take the Santa from the year they were born, and also other special ones that they have helped me pick out. This is still something I remember so deeply from doing with my mom. Now as adults we collect our Santas together and it makes me so happy! Here is the Santa I got for myself (link here), and one for my mom this year from MacKenzie-Childs! (link here for a few additional ones)
  3. Third tradition is making gingerbread cookies! This is such a fun one because you can do it SO Simple. We get the Betty Crocker mix and just add egg, water, butter and it’s so easy! Rooney loves to roll it out with me, and then put the shapes in the dough to make gingerbread cookies for our family or even for Santa! I wanted some fun mixing bowls (link here) for this year so I got the darling everyday bowls from MacKenzie-Childs as well and they have been perfect for mixing and serving. While you are at it, mix up some hot cocoa and make it a fun night and light the fire! (link to some cocoa mugs)
  4. Fourth tradition is going to find homes with Christmas lights or even going to a drive through animated light show! There is spot locally that we always go to and the kids get out and sit on our laps and it is so fun to see their eyes light up and truly start to feel the Christmas magic. This is a great one especially for this year due to social distancing.
  5. Last tradition is an advent calendar! You can do this so many ways. I got this simple but beautiful reindeer one (link here) that you only change the date and it’s super low maintenance. All you have to do is remember to change the one block daily and then you are golden! If you like to keep things low key, this would be so amazing for you!

I hope these suggestions help you to find a way to have the holidays simplify and also give you some fun activities to do with your family this holiday season! Huge thank you to MacKenzie-Childs for sponsoring this post as well. I linked a few additional items below from their brand that I think would be amazing heirloom pieces and I hope you get a chance to check it out!

Reindeer Plates

Advent Calendar 

Santa ornaments 

Courtly Check Everyday Bowl

Cocoa Mugs

Santa Plate

Santa Ornaments More



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