These last few months with our little Augie man have brought me so much joy. It’s funny how your brain works during pregnancy and before you have more kids. I remember having thoughts wondering how I was going to love this new baby. I only ever knew life with Rooney so the thought of another person coming into our life made me terrified. Well I am here to tell you all will be perfect. You won’t love one child more than another. You will find so much love in your heart to love them both. Your heart literally doubles that day. I am so beyond grateful for this little man and wanted to talk about some fun things that have happened the past few months.

Augie and Rooney have found each other as of recently and it makes my world. She gives him kisses all day, says goodnight to him ,and he finally is getting excited when he sees her and not completely terrified (but really can you blame him??) Augie just started grabbing his toes, actually at this shoot, and is much more alert and responsive now. Augie has had to have his tongue tie cut and nursing every 2 hours to help him catch up after this tongue tie, so we spend a lot of time together. I can’t even tell you how beyond happy I am that I have bene able to be home with the kids full time. It is a TON of work but worth every second. I love getting to hold him every day and nurse him as often as he needs and also get to be here with Rooney and spend time watching her grow up with her baby brother.


I don’t know if my losses have made me more determined to be a stay at home mom for the most part, but I do feel as if they placed a huge role in the way I wanted to raise my kids. I only got a few short weeks with them and I knew I wanted to be with my kids as much as I could. It’s interesting coming form having a great career and now being here at home all day, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. Growing up I remember my mom working full time because she was a kick ass single mom making a great life for us. With that said, I also remember her always telling me how she wish she could have been home more with us. She has given me so much inspiration over the years but even more in appreciating the time I get to be home, because it is not always an option for everyone around us.

To my Augie boy and Rooney girl,

I love you to with all my heart. You along with your dad, make my heart beat every day. I could have the worst day ever, but being home with you makes me feel whole. I am proud of your strength, your boldness, your ability to handle hard things, and the love you have for me and your dad. I can’t wait to continue to adventure with you and build a long life with you! I love you both with all of my heart.



I hope you enjoy these photos we got done of Augie man for his 3 months by of course the wonderful Tracy Layne Photography

Emmy dress: Ivy City Co

Romper: Roolee

Rooney outfit: Rylee and Cru

Augie outfit: Zara Baby


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