I swear when I had Augie, I had forgotten how many bottles I wash every day. Whether it is the pumping bottles, or the hakaa or Roo’s bottles, I have at least 5 bottles a day to wash and sanitize. We used to sanitize them by boiling them in hot water once a week other then just running hot water on them, and so when Coral UV reached out I was ecstatic to have a product that would be able to do that exact thing for me, just quicker and easier.

Coral UV is a Santizier and Dryer that can do just that for basically anything in your home! I personally have used it for my binkies, toys, bottles, and I’ve been beyond impressed with how clean it all comes out and how comfortable I feel with the quality of product it is. So while I am directing it for bottles, it could also be used for a wide range of items.

With nursing I pump 2-3 times a day so it’s like things are constantly adding up.  I have gotten lots of questions about why I pump and I do it because I like to have back up storage in case I lose my milk, get sick, or if something major were to happen to me. It is completely just a personal preference and I actually rent a hospital grade pump to make it a little easier to pump. So below is an idea of our schedule and how much I pump.

  1. Wake up at 6 AM nurse/pump
  2. Back up at 9 AM nurse/pump
  3. go through out day and nurse
  4. pump while Roo sleeps at about 1 PM
  5. Pump before bedtime at about 11 PM usually

So this is how I work in my 3-4 pumps a day but it also means that I have that many bottles to wash multiple times a day. Some of the things I love about the Coral UV is that it has a temperature dryer, UV sanitizer, and it’s pretty so it’s easy to have out on your  counter and not have to constantly be putting it away, pulling it out, and making it easy on us as busy moms!

The other thing I love about the sanitizer is how easy it is to use. All you have to do is put your bottles, binkies, and lids in there and close the top portion and press AUTO. It’s easy as can be to dry and sanitize, drying is 40 minutes and  sanitizing is 10 minutes. There is a top portion with a little basket to put the smaller items in so that it makes room for the bottles in the bottom section. Then after it’s done, they are done and ready to go

I’m sure I’ll get a handful of questions so just to answer we use the Comotomo bottles and the Bibs binkies. We have used the bottles with both babies but the binkie is new this time and he loves it. He hasn’t taken anything else so far so this is what we decided to stick with!

To get your own Coral UV go to www.coraluv.com and use code EMMY10 for $10 off your sanitizer/dryer.

Hope this was helpful and that some of you mamas can get it make your life a little easier also!



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