I am a little late doing this but I wanted to go back and make sure I had them done! This week was New Years Eve. Trent worked all day and that night we had friends over for games and then went to be at about 10 PM. I was still so exhausted from pregnancy and I think Trent was drained from being sick the week before. I hope in future years we can make it to midnight but this year was not one of them ha! The rest of the week I took time off and was home with Rooney all week.  I don’t remember doing a lot but I do remember really enjoying the time with her and being home. I truly am so grateful I am able to be home majority of the time, it’s something I always wanted to be able to do and luckily was able to. Baby size : orange  weight gain: still at about 105 weight wise. Starting to come back belly size : definitely growing 31 inches Sleep: pregnancy pillow is still a huge help. I seriously love it Cravings: french fries, water, and sprite if I can stomach it Feeling: tired, and still pretty drained energy wise Peak moment: my belly starting to grow, celebrating new years with my girl, Trent, and our friends! 

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