Things are getting crazy around here! We are getting a new home and I am not sure how this will all play out! I am excited and nervous and al the things. They have said it should be done by mid May before the baby comes so we could move upstairs but we will see! 

We attended a few more Sundance movies this year. We tried to do  a lot since next year I am pretty sure we will only go to 2-3 since I’ll be nursing full time. Rooney has been so busy and fun and sweet lately. We still watch lots of shows and now we have an offer on the house! So I am starting to get busy packing! What a crazy couple months we have had! 

We watched the super bowl with our friends on Sunday, and had our big 19 week ultrasound which everything was perfect for, and that was about it for the week!

Baby size : artichoke 

weight gain: I think I am at about 110 now. I am able to eat pretty normal now! 

belly size : still little belly but I feel big ha which means I am probably not! 

Sleep: getting better! I can’t live without that pregnancy pillow! 

Cravings: Park Cafe! an all-time favorite and we got to go this week with dad! It was the perfect snack! 

Feeling: pretty good! Loving my time with Roo and starting to feel anxious about selling the house and packing! 

Peak moment: 19 week ultrasound, and more house stuff! 

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