We started the week off with lots of talk about buying a house in our neighborhood and selling ours. Things seem to escalate fast when I am around, my poor husband. So now we are waiting to get further news of what we are going to do! I am excited to update you on the process as we go! I have been feeling great and baby has been great, I barely have noticed I am pregnant aside from not being able to eat certain foods! My belly is growing, but overall I am sleeping great and I feel really good so that has been a relief! This week overall was me being home with Rooney and again, I love those weeks. I did sign up and decide to start representing myself selling Young Living Oils and I am so excited about it. I have been throwing out all the chemicals in our home and getting things just to natural products and I truly can’t wait to see the difference it makes in our home. I love love the diffuser and now I feel like I need 20 of them. Some big things happened with our house this week but again I am waiting to talk about a lot of it so I will keep you updated!!!

Baby size : Avocado

weight gain: still at about 107 nothing crazy

belly size :starting to grow and felt the baby this week! 

Sleep: it’s okay! we are thinking of buying a house so I am a little crazy in my head! 

Cravings: water, french fries, ice cream, and I did chicken this week! 

Feeling: Tired! We are doing an open house this weekend and I’m exhausted! 

Peak moment: selling the house and remodeling a new one, and feeling him kick! 

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