What an exciting week! We started out with our gender reveal after the weekend and I was honestly 99% sure it was a girl, so to see that blue confetti BLEW MY MIND. I will be honest with you, it took me some time to adjust to the thought of it and realize it was happening ha, but I am happy to say I am elated for baby boy, just really want to find him a dang name! Boy names seem to be so hard. That night we went to our tradition at Siciilia Mia and celebrated the three of us welcoming our new baby brother! I feel like I grew a lot this week in my belly and I look like I did with Roo at about 20 weeks or so. I truly don’t mind growing and I love the belly so bring it on! I know some people wish they didn’t get one until like 30 weeks but man I love getting to dress the belly and show it off! The rest of the week was fairly mellow. We cerebrated my best friend Courtney’s birthday with breakfast and then went and saw a new house we potentially might buy. More on that later. Things seem to be a little crazy lately but I am glad we are all healthy and growing a new baby! I’m already loving 2019.

Baby size : Apple

weight gain: 105 lbs still 

belly size : Getting a cute bump! 

Sleep: much better with the Bongesta helping me!

Cravings: pasta at Sicilia Mia and red meat, but yet none of it was very appealing. I got the carbonara and was not stoked sadly! 

Feeling: nervous to find out the gender, then we found out and honestly I had a hard time dealing with it, I really thought it was a girl, but I can’t wait to find a name for him! 

Peak moment: Ultrasound at Fetal Fotos, and finding out he’s a BOY! 

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