This week has been crazy. So many changes about to happen. We decided what felt like over night to sell our house and buy a new one down the street that has a pool!! it will be a lot of work, and it’s going to be really stressful but I am really excited about it! We put in an offer and and have ours listed and to make things even better Sundance starts this week! 

We love going to Sundance movies and this week at one of them we actually heard a name we LOVED for baby boy and I think we now have him named! I am so happy we do, it really helps me bond with him! 

We had our inspection and appraisal this week so we are waiting to hear back on all of that, but otherwise I had minimal jobs and was home quite  bit with baby Roo. I love my time with her and really want to soak it in before baby brother is born. 

Baby size : pear

weight gain: still about the same 106 lbs

belly size : belly is starting to poke out quite a bit! I’m feeling him move! 

Sleep: it’s been okay! Nothing crazy bad or good

Cravings: I had mexican this week and it was okay! I like chips, really anything carbs. I am back on PBJ sandwiches also. 

Feeling: I am feeling a little stressed! we are going to be selling our house and it’s a lot of emotions to take on!

Peak moment: design meeting for new house, we had an open house for our home and lots of people interested, and of course just being pregnant again, I am so happy! 

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