This has been the first week I haven’t been nauseous everyday or super sick so I would say things are going great! Still waiting for my energy to come back but I think it’s on it’s way!

We hosted our friends from law school on Saturday night for a dinner and it was so tasty and Trent got to use his new Traeger grill! I couldn’t believe I had enough energy to make dinner and have it all ready for everyone but I pulled through! We spent New Years Eve with our friends from Trent’s law firm, like we have the past few years, and it was of course a great night once again! We did go to bed at 11:30 but I am blaming the baby for that! ha Maybe next year we will stay up later, or maybe we will move our clocks and try to trick ourselves even.

One of my favorite traditions is on New Years Day, I got to Dillard’s with my mom and do their annual Christmas sale shopping and we get some amazing ornaments for CHEAP CHEAP prices and nothing is better than that! We then had brunch at Little America and it was the first time I was able to eat food and truly enjoy it! Such a good feeling and great way to start 2019.

The rest of this week has been fairly mellow with me working on getting my energy back and we have been cleaning the house quite a bit. Rooney has been napping WAY more lately and I think she is just catching up from the crazy couple of weeks! We spent Thursday at the Curiousity Museum and had so much fun. I know we will be going back there! Roo really enjoyed getting to play and explore all around!

I have officially almost taken a month off of work now, and it was exactly what I needed but I am thinking I will start booking few sessions here and there coming up, just have to get myself together and post about it!

Hope everyone had such a good holiday and prepared and ready for a new year! I know 2019 will be amazing and I can’t wait to travel with my family, and spend some amazing one on one time with them before we welcome this new baby this upcoming June!

Baby size : lime

weight gain: I have gained about 10 pounds back! I am averaging at about 108 right now

belly size : I’m going to start measuring it next week but man it is getting bigger. No hiding it anymore

Sleep: my dreams are crazy and that shakes me up for a few days but overall I am sleeping great! 

Cravings: still water, lots of dry mouth, french fries, grilled cheese, poached eggs on toast, Lucky charms which I did brave this week and I won’t do that again just cause my stomach was slightly upset after, I am truly just trying to find any fruit or veggie that sounds good but it’s been hard. I just want a big juicy steak ha! I also can’t eat marinara sauce anymore 

Feeling: Tired this week for sure, just low energy but felt good health wise which was truly a gift. I loved getting to spend more time with Roo and not feel so locked away this week! 

Peak moment: Feeling good this week! This whole week felt like a breath of fresh air and I finally am feeling human again! 


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