Holy Week 12. Well this week we found out I actually didn’t have pregnancy nauseo nearly as much as I thought. I had caught a stomach virus so I spent the Friday I turned 12 weeks in the Urgent care getting fluids and Zofran to help me. I was so weak at that point and had lost about 16 pounds and just had no muscle mass to me anymore. I literally hadn’t left the bed in about 4 days other then going to throw up. My nanny is my saving grace and spent pretty much all day everyday here with me and helped me and it was seriously a god send. I love her so much and love having her here and keeping my home operating as normal as possible.

The Friday night Trent got home and saw me we decided it was time to go straight in an get some help and relief for me. When we went in they said that I truly should’ve come in about 2 days prior to when I did. It still took me about 2 days to regain strength but after a lot of rest, I was up and feeling good for the holiday! 

Christmas Eve I was pretty tired but overall I felt good, and then Christmas morning at about 4 AM I heard Trent go into the restroom and throw up. My heart sunk. We had been through so much sickness this year I just wanted one day of relief. He luckily felt okay for about an hour and so we did presents and all of that, which was amazing by the way with our little Rooney girl, and then he retreated to the bed for the remainder of the day. I am so glad I have the best family ever and was able to spend Christmas with them and enjoy our day still! I truly have been so blessed this holiday season. 

Following day we had an appointment with our OB. I got to hear baby’s heartbeat and then also got to the see the baby in an ultrasound. I don’t know if I just forgot but when they showed me the baby I was blown away at home much it actually looked like a baby! It was no longer a tad pole and I could see my baby growing. My heart is so thankful for the baby that has been doing so amazing and I truly can’t wait to know if it’s a boy or a girl! 

The rest of the week we stayed really low key and took some time to recover from the past few weeks. We are finally on the up and up and I am serious when I say, DON’T COME AROUND US IF YOU ARE SICK. I can’t go through that again, so I would just prefer you all keep your distance! I am putting a ban on anyone kissing Rooney till after the winter season because I truly can’t imagine anyone else getting sick again and having to Clorox this house one more time! 

Baby size : lime

weight gain: as of the Friday I turned 12 weeks I had lost about 16 pounds but I am back up to about 104 now, so only down about 12. 

belly size : getting bigger fast ha 

Sleep: got a pregnancy pillow and it’s been really great! It helps me sleep and my dead legs for sure. 

Cravings: still nothing really. Water due to my super dry mouth, lucky charms but I am not risking it, and then sushi but once again not risking it yet. I did manage to eat quite a bit of french fries this week and that was beyond delicious. 

Feeling: tired, and just ready to get my energy back, BUT LUCKILY I DON’T FEEL SICK

Peak moment: Seeing the babies ultrasound and seeing the little body forming! 

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