What a trip. We announced a few weeks ago that I am pregnant with baby number two and I haven’t posted a ton since then. The day I announced I got so sick, and since then I have been down for the most part! I went back to try to remember what it was like with Rooney and looks like I was super sick from week 8-12 so I turn 12 weeks on Friday, I am praying with all my might I will start to see some relief. I have been nauseous but also throwing up more this pregnancy than I ever did with Rooney. 

A lot of people have asked so how is Rooney. She is a CHAMP. Literally my best friend and so laid back with all of this going on. She has been right by my side and truly given me so much happiness and often distraction and helps me stay focused on the end goal: Getting through first trimester. We spend a lot of time watching shows and snuggling which yes makes me feel bad at times, but I already realize this is part of our life and it won’t kill her to watch a little bit of shows with her mama. My nanny/saving grace has been literally my godsend with all of this. I truly know for a fact I wouldn’t have survived without her and I’m forever grateful for all she does for me and my family. 

Baby size : fig

weight gain: i’ve lost about 12 pounds at this point 

belly size : 

Sleep: I sleep okay still, but if I am nauseous I really don’t sleep at all. 

Cravings: nothing and everything. I never want anything because once I actually think about it it makes me sick to my stomach.

Feeling: tired for sure. I am sleeping a ton still. 

Peak moment: I can hear the babies heart beat with my doppler at home and that makes it really exciting and feel more real!

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