I feel like one of the most common questions I’ve been getting is how we travel with Roo! She took her first flight at 6 weeks to Nashville and her second flight to San Diego at 16 weeks.

So to start, we pack the following in our checked bag:

We sleep in kimonos under her swaddle, so I bring one shirt per 2 nights (4 nights = 2 shirts)

Up to 2 to 3 outfits per day (in case she 💩)

Enough diapers for a day (then we buy a pack there)

2 swaddles

Swaddle sack

3 burp cloths

Tide stick

Breast pump

1 bottle for pump

Normal bottle for feeding if I’m gone

A freezer bag to help store milk on the go with freezer packs inside

Thermometer (which might sound excessive, but she has gotten a cold on both flights, so I do it to be cautious)

Tylenol fever kids medicine

Socks 🧦

Car seat cover

Baby shampoo ( tubby Todd is what we use) washcloth

Sling for walking around

Then in the carry-on: 


Clorox wipes to wipe down space


Change of outfit for me and her

Diapers ( at least 5)


Burp cloth



Nursing cover

Changing pad mat (we love ours from Gathre, I’ll link here)

Dream cream from Tubby Todd for skin

Nasal spray and nose frida and filters

Solly wrap to wear in airport and in security


So, honestly it’s pretty straightforward for packing. When you get to the airport, you check in with your airline so they can list you have a baby in arms. Some airlines do require some sort of identification for your baby, so be aware of that.

We brought our car seat with a protective cover, for when they put it under the plane.

City select stroller and you just fold this up at the gate check as well

The past few times I have flown I’ve had jobs, so I have had to bring my gear as my carry on and my diaper bag for my second bag.

We have also been traveling with her dockatot and it’s been a lifesaver for sleeping at night. When we do Europe we won’t be bringing it…… sooooo who knows ha.

When you get to the gate, go up to the front and tell them you are gate checking your items,  and they give you tags for your car seat and stroller. Then put your car seat in the bag and have it all ready and rest it on the stroller.

For the flights we kept Rooney covered on the way to Tennessee, but it was impossible for that during the San Diego flight and yet she still got sick. Such a bummer. We nurse on take off and landings and really anytime she wants to. It helps keep her calm and happy.

We are so glad we had extra outfits because she totally pooped and blew out on the plane. So it’s so important to have extras. I do kimonos for flights so that I don’t have to pull poop over her head.

Hope this helps!! You can do it!

Please feel free to ask any questions!!



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