I have had quite a few people ask about her sleeping patterns and what we have been doing. We felt like when we got home form the hospital she was to little to fit in the Snoo sleep sack, so we had her sleep on our bed, in her Dock a Tot. It also helped me when I had to get up with her because of her reflux. Now that we are figuring that out I feel much more comfortable with her in the Snoo.

For the Dock a Tot we use it for naps, when she is hanging out, and we also use it for sleeping like I mentioned above. I plan to travel with it and I think it will be so nice because she will be used to the item she has already been sleeping in.

I would totally recommend to get an extra cover if you can and the carrying bag for the Dock a Tot for travel and for when your other one is super dirty because that does happen for sure.

The link is here for the Dock a Tot and I hope you love yours! I would love to hear your experience with it as well!

The dress I am wearing in this post is from Roolee and I love love all their dresses! Make sure to check them out!

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