This week we celebrated Trent’s birthday! On Sunday he turned 30 and we wanted to just enjoy a low key mellow day together! We got up and headed up to  Park City for the day!  We have a yummy lunch, walk through the street market, and then saw the movie The Big Sick and had dinner. The movie was amazing. Best movie I’ve seen this year.

Monday I had my hair done, and speaking of that we had a few packages stolen from our house, I was so bummed about that. One of them was my hair extensions. I know I know first world problems but I was still bummed.

This  week was really mellow with work,  Trent was working a million hours, and so I spent a ton of time editing, getting things out for clients, and organizing the house.

Wednesday we saw Dr. Smith,  and all was well!  No progression at this point,  but he was really happy I have made it to 37 weeks! I can’t believe how quick it is coming and next thing you know we will be parents!

That night we had dinner with his mom and sister to celebrate his birthday and then I got to go watch him play softball with his law firm!

Friday night we went to another drive in and it was much cooler temperatures, and of course best snack food ever. I love movie food!

Saturday his family threw us a shower and we spent the morning with them, and then that day he spent the day fixing our air conditioning unit and a neighborhood BBQ that night! It was a fun mellow week and I am so glad we’ve have time to just relax together before little girl comes!

Hope everyone had a good week!! ❤️❤️❤️

Baby size : ripe papaya

weight gain: 130

belly size : 39 inches

Sleep: peeing every hour, and lots of rolling from her. still rough ha- hasn’t changed- still the same and taking lots of naps

Cravings: PB and j, water, pasta

Feeling: tired for sure! I feel like a broken record but I’m just super tired ha! I am feeling more patient with everything though and wanting her to come when she is ready!-

Peak moment: celebrating Trent’s birthday again, and then being together and our last shower! Such an amazing time we’ve have together! I can’t wait to be a parent with him



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