Week 32 was a good one and full of so many adventures.

So about 6 years ago 😂 I started dreaming about my maternity shoot. Then I got pregnant. And I thought about it over and over again. I was excited with this pregnancy when I realized I would get summer maternity shots, and not have to do winter maternity! I immediately wanted to do the Sand Dunes which has been such a magical place to me for so long. So we made the plans. We actually packed up Sunday to head home from camping, and I showered and went and got my makeup done. I was so happy my hair was working, makeup was perfect and I just was feeling so good.

I had searched for my maternity gowns for honestly months. I had ordered like 5-10 gowns to try on, see how they fit, and find the right ones. I wanted something simple, and classic. I didn’t want pattern or anything overly bright, and it’s typically my go to for other maternity sessions also.

We knew it was a little windy out there but I’m not sure we knew how windy. 😳 We got out there, and sand was just blowing everywhere. I kept saying oh it will be okay, it will mellow out. So we sat and waited. It didn’t mellow out. It got worse at times if anything. We got out and shot a few pictures and we both just laughed hysterically. It was so comical. My hair was a mess, sand was building like crazy, and we seriously couldn’t see.

We decided to just get started so we got changed and put the next one on, and I’m telling you it just didn’t let up. At one point I just sat down and cried. It sounds so silly but I had looked forward to think for so long. My husband came over and just said it’s okay, you need to just be strong it will work out, and luckily tracy was such a gift and calm and telling us that it was working and beautiful. And it truly was.

We shot for a while and my sweet husband was golden. He gave me so much support and juts dealt with this weather. I mean he was getting it just as bad but we kept going. It was exactly what I wanted in the end and I’m so glad we got to capture these images with baby girl.

Cant thank Tracy enough for her amazing talent and sharing it with us. I am so grateful for such blessings in my life.

Monday came and I had an appointment at the doctors. I have had BH my whole pregnancy as well as a little bit of pressure so they decided to check me and see where I was at, with no intentions or thinking I would be developed all ready. I am at a 1 1/2 and 70% effaced. The doctor wanted me to do a steroid for her lungs and some monitoring to be sure all was well. No worries or concerns, but just precautionary. So Tuesday I went in, was monitored, which she looked amazing, and hadn’t changed on progression and received the first steroid shot. Glad that we got it just as a precaution and also glad she is just totally normal and fine.

We had our final hypnobirthing class on Tuesday and I am a little sad it’s over because it’s been a guaranteed night a week of me and husband snuggling all night. So I’m making it a thing now. 😂 I love this time with him so much.

The next day I worked and then got my second shot, and once again all was amazing, so still hoping for an August baby!

Thursday I photographed my cute friends twins newborns and man my heart melted. I can’t wait for her to get here. That night we had bunco and of course it was the best. I love getting to see these women monthly and have them at my home. It really has just made me so happy to have friends monthly that we get to stop and just catch up.

Friday I had a job during the day, with one of my favorite clients, and ended with a wedding that night for my sweet cousin up at Brighton with my parents and husband!

Saturday was my final wedding until baby girl comes, and I woke up so so sick. I stayed in bed from 9-1:30 til I had to get up and get ready. Luckily I started to feel a bit better but I have to say I am glad I’ve been listening to my body.

I just wanted to write and remind myself when I reread this one day, how happy I am. I am so glad I’ve taken time for me and Trent. I’m glad I’ve not pushed myself and I’ve been able to enjoy and love pregnancy. I truly am so happy and lucky. Thank you to everyone’s support and love we have felt. ❤️

Baby size : Florida Pomelo

weight gain: 125 lbs – still fluctuating

belly size : 39 inches

Sleep: not great! Up every other hour. But it’s okay!

Cravings: wendys frosties, PB&J, apples

Feeling: a bit tired, tight, pressure and oh so happy.

Peak moment: maternity photos! And receiving them. They seriously are so amazing and everything I ever could have wanted.



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