What a week! I started last week being in Portland shooting my last out of state wedding! I flew home that morning got a few things and prepared a dinner with my mom and dad, sister and her family to celebrate Mother’s Day! Trent had gone on a weekend trip to Moab with his cousin on his motorcycle, so he didn’t get home til right around dinner time.

It felt pretty special to celebrate my first Mother’s Day! Last year we had just found out about our first miscarriage so I was pretty bummed, but yet had always felt like I had become a mother during that time. This time around I could feel little girl and I knew we were going to meet her pretty soon! Not to mention that we also hit our third trimester!!! 12 weeks to go!

Trent knows my favorite think ever is Bunco night so he got me a little serving dish to use at it! I can’t wait! He has been so sweet this whole pregnancy and I can’t wait for him to be a dad!

Monday I had a few jobs but mostly mellow week of editing and what not, Β that night we had dinner with Trent’s mom and sister for Mother’s Day!

The rest of the week was mellow which I took as time to relax, catch up on some sleep, and prep some stuff for baby girl! Β My sweet friend Tracy Layne came over Tuesday and took a few shots of me and my bump. I seriously just never want to forget this experience, so bring on the photos!

Tuesday night we had our first birthing class, and it was nothing short of amazing. We are taking the Lauralyn Curtis, Curtis Method class, which I will post more about that later, but really we loved it. We really want this birth to be about welcoming little girl into a safe and calm environment and I feel like she is helping us prep for that. I wil also talk about our wants for birth a little more as we figure it all out! ❀️

Wednesday we went to the RSL game and yes it was snowing! Fun but snowing ha. We have season tickets but this was the first game I could attend. Can’t wait for more this summer!

Thursday night I attended the Freshly Picked casino night and it was so fun! They just launched their new Sandles and of course I got little lady a pair of red ones! This girl is gonna have the best clothing and I can’t wait for it! I’m a little jealous! That morning I had gone to breakfast 🍳 with my friend Kate, and at breakfast I found out I had failed the glucose test from teh day before at my doctors office! I was so bummed. I just didn’t get it. But it’s okay, we ended up doing the 3 hour test Friday before we headed out of town, so that was good to at least get it done. I had eaten a banana 🍌 before my first one and guess what, bananas are high in sugar and it can effect the test! 😳 learned my lesson. Hardest thing about it was I have the worst veins and they can never find my vein the first time so I was not pumped about having 5 needles on Friday! I would be a whimp with IVF and all that, I seriously think the women are so strong!

I got through it Friday and headed off to Vegas with husband for the weekend for a little babymoon!

We stayed at the Linq hotel and really loved it. We stayed here before and loved the idea of a 21 and older pool, with day beds and food by the pool. It really was a perfect couple days and exactly what we were looking for! We also went to the Cirque du Soleil show O, and it was amazing. We splurged for front row and we were worried it would be to close but it was amazing. By far my favorite show!

Also, if you come to Vegas make sure to head over to Hash House a Go Go. So so amazing, way to much food, but so good!

Baby size : coconut 🌴

weight gain: 126 lbs. no weight gain this week

belly size : 37 inches no change

Sleep: depends on the night. Sometimes up 3-4 times, sometimes sleep til morning. Can’t seem to figure out what makes me have to get up a ton and other nights not at all

Cravings: water, veggies, ice cream, fruit. I’ve tried to really limit sugar and carb intake because of the glucose stuff. So who knows.

Feeling: tired! Walking longer distances is getting harder and harder! But overall amazing. I still love being pregnant.

Gender: πŸ’•πŸŽ€πŸŒΈπŸ’•πŸŽ€πŸŒΈ baby girl

peak moment: being on a trip with my cute husband. We have been looking forward to getting away, and baby girl got lots of attention this weekend! I really do love him so much!




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