This week has been crazy! Amazing but crazy. I started the week out with a little Easter egg hunt with my nieces, which made me so excited for little girl to get here! Then Monday I had my 22 week appointment and she is doing great. I gained a pound, I am getting cysts in my arm pits, but they aren’t harmful so that makes me happy to know. I had a little bit of leg pain this week that went away with heating it, and then just normal rib pain from cute girl. I really can’t wait to have a mini me. We got to go to the food trucks this week twice which made me so happy! I love the food trucks and look forward to it every week! Wednesday I flew out to Ireland, with my best friend Jess. We have had an amazing time and really enjoyed it but we are exhausted!


We flew in Thursday afternoon and drove to Galway. We spent the night there after dinner and just relaxed! We got up early Friday and explored Galway. It was such a fun cute city, and I got to do my favorite thing in Europe, which is tour the grocery stores! πŸ˜‚ I honestly love the grocery stores. We had kinda eaten like crap the day before so we loaded up on fresh fruit and explored the city. We had the best time at the cliffs of Moher. What an amazing place! And so so stunning. We really enjoyed exploring that and seeing all the amazing cliffs! That day we saw a castle, sheep and cows, and also got into our next city Dingle! It was so amazing to see a castle and explore it a little bit as well as the cliffs!

From there we stayed in Dingle at a cute little hotel by the water. We woke up the next morning explored the Dingle Peninsula, posted on my instagram πŸ’•, and then that night we headed to Kinsale. By that night my belly had expanded I swear, and it was soooooo tight and firm, I was so ready to just relax.

We got into Kinsale, had a yummy dinner, and got to just relax that night. Sunday morning we had breakfast at the hotel, relaxed, and walked around Kinsale, by far our favorite, and just took in the Irish culture. So many colorful houses, darling shops and truly wonderful kind people.

Today (Sunday) we left Kinsale, drove to a new castle and it was pretty amazing! By far exceeded my expectations and made me love Ireland so much more! We then headed off to the national forest here Gallaway and saw an amazing monosteric city. It was so beautiful and peaceful, I’m so glad we got to experience that. We then drove to Dublin where we are now. Our drive back was a bit sketchy but we made it! We are exhausted but ready to head to Barcelona tomorrow! What a trip this has been and most importantly I’ve loved having baby girl with me. Oh how I love her. She really has made my heart so happy feeling her inside of my tummy this whole trip.

Also, I posted about this but we made it to week 23. I am relieved! I can’t believe how happy it makes me and how calm I feel about it. It’s still SO early but guess what, lungs are developing and she could live if something happened which makes me so happy! What a week! Life is good, and I’m so grateful for it!

baby size: corn on the cob 🌽

weight gain: 118 at my dr appointment but hoping a tiny bit more after this trip.

belly size : 33 inches she’s growing!

Sleep: it was okay, part of the issues were sleeping on a 9 hour flight, pregnant, and then sleeping jet lag in hotel beds. I did bring a mini pregnancy pillow. It’s been so nice to have!

Cravings: ice cream, veggies, bananas, water, Fanta (only in Europe), curly wurly (again only in Europe) and then pizza!

Feeling: still so happy. This week has been insane and super emotional leaving home, but we’ve had a great time and honestly enjoyed being together on this trip!

Gender: πŸ’•πŸŽ€πŸŒΈπŸ’•πŸŽ€πŸŒΈ baby girl!

Peak moment: being in Ireland with her! What a magic place. πŸ€ I can’t wait to bring her back one day. I really love knowing she is with me, but we miss our hubby/daddy!

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