I woke up today, listened to the babies heart beat and my heart exploded that I somehow made it to 14 weeks, I know today isn’t about that week just still so excited!  This week the crib came, the fetal Doppler came. We thought we were using it right, and we weren’t. Ha since then we have been taught and now can hear the gallop of the babies heart beat every day!! I got to go to lunch with a girlfriend, work some fun jobs, and rest of course! I got pretty sick twice this week and was so upset cause I thought I was done but I’ve felt overall really good and happy. When I get sick, I fall into a depression. It really sucks. Makes me so lethargic and not want to talk to anyone.

I started to pop and show earlier this week, then when I got sick it just all went away. So maybe it wasn’t the baby? Who knows. I am pretty sure I lost about 5 pounds this week, so I am sure that’s not a good sign, but it was so hard to eat this week.

baby size: size of a peapod  (such a weird thing to compare a human to. Ha)

weight gain: according to my scale lost 5 this week. I’m at 107 so far

Sleep: slept pretty good! I was getting up earlier and earlier which isn’t normal for me so far with pregnancy. I LOVE my body pillow, it’s the best. I feel like I’m in a little cocoon waiting to expand ha.

cravings: apples, otter pops, carrots, smores chewy bars, water, thought I liked cerial for a day til I threw it all up, rice.

feeling : I feel okay! ! We bought a chair for the crib and that felt so real I started crying in the store. It’s just so weird that we really are having a baby. And we set up the crib! Which I love. I hope to get more energy next week and feel good all week!

Gender: I still say boy, so we’ll see! Started planning our gender reveal party this week! I’m really excited!

peak moment this week: getting a chair, and the crib set up! Also finally feeling how real it is. I feel like I’ve been dreaming. Also how about how me and Beyoncé are pregnant together? 😍😍😍🐝

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