So many good moments this week! We passed our 1st trimester Sunday so we are officially in 2nd trimester! I am popping this week which makes me so happy! Being done with our first trimester also meant I could stop taking progesterone which has been super hard on my body. Being done with that felt like a relief and a success all at once! I heard so many people say you will feel better 2nd trimester and luckily I am! My baby niece got baptized this week and both of my nieces say the baby is a girl! 💕 I love hearing what people think the baby is!

I am still taking nauseuo meds a few times a day but I can now stand up before 9 am without being so sick, I feel my energy coming back, and I honestly just feel like me again. 1st trimester is hard. I never fully understood how hard it was.

I can eat more also, which has felt like a game changer! We have an appointment in a week and a half and will have more updates then.

We bought a crib this week, we got a fetal Doppler and now we can hear the babies heart beat at home, which has really been my favorite.

We will find out the gender February 18 and I’m pretty excited about it! I don’t care what the baby is but I still get so anxious about finding out!

baby size: size of a lime 🍋 (just imagine this green) 😂

weight gain: not sure but for sure did gain this week!

Sleep: slept so much better this week. Had a few late nights even and I wasn’t sick from it! Just ordered a body pillow to help sleep!

cravings: apples, otter pops, water, toaster strudel, eggos, spaghetti o’s (so gross)  . Still not loving red meat, and can’t really do a ton of protein. So one day at a time for food!

feeling : not nearly as tired as other weeks, but still pretty sleepy in the middle of the day. I’m also really happy. I feel like me, we are starting the nursery, and I just am so happy we made it to 12 weeks!

Gender: I say boy and Trent says girl! We will find out the 18th of February!

peak moment this week: hearing your heart beat at home, and feeling so good.

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