Pregnancy has been a trip. From 2 miscarriages to finally getting pregnant and keeping it, I have been so happy and excited but the sickness has been a little hard on my body. The last day I remember feeling normal is probably December 16 then it all went downhill! Ha

Christmas Eve was when it all got really rough and I spent about a week in bed without being able to move much. I eventually got some medicine and that has helped but boy have I realized being pregnant is not for the weak heart.

We have had 4 ultrasounds now due to my past and everything has been great. This week we saw you, you looked like a real baby, and you were moving a ton! We also got to hear your heart beat which made mom so happy to finally know it’s real. We can’t wait to meet you little one!

Weight gain: down 9 pounds but eating more so I am sure that will change

baby size : depends on the site but I like Brussel sprout

Sleep: for the most part okay. I have to go to bed by 10:30 usually and my body hates getting up before 9 from the bed

cravings: apples, otter pops, icees, water, donuts, toaster strudel, and my body likes wheat thins . My body hates hates red meat right now so I don’t even try. Trying to eat chicken and protein shakes for protein

feeling : so tired. Time slept so many times in the target parking lot, or any parking lot after a job before I drive home. Otherwise for the most part okay until night usually. Pants don’t fit anymore.

Gender: we find out February 18

peak moment this week: hearing your heart beat and seeing your flailing arms in the ultrasound

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